How To Get Started

How To Get Started

Once you select ProLending Mortgage LLC. to obtain your home loan, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and simply the loan process moves. Before you know it, you’ll have a mortgage that suits your lifestyle and saves you money.

Throughout the loan-application process, we provide you with regular updates. You can also e-mail us with questions or new information. And if you want assistance, a mortgage expert who can answer questions is just a phone call away.

Here’s an overview of the loan-application process.

Note: The below process assumes the borrower(s) will be approved for the loan.

STEP ONE – Determine how much you can borrow

Find out how much home you can buy, even before you begin looking. Once you’ve answered a few simple questions, we’ll calculate your buying power, based on standard lender guidelines.

STEP TWO – Pre-Qualify and save money

To complete the pre-qualification step, Click Here. You’ll need to supply some brief information about employment, assets, etc. We’ll contact you for authorization to obtain your credit report. Once we’ve reviewed this information, we’ll issue your Pre-Qualification Letter, which gives you the clout of a same as cash buyer and gives you more negotiation power. As you begin looking for a home, we’ll begin looking for the best loan to meet your specific needs. Your Real Estate Agent will use your Pre-Qualification Letter to negotiate the best deal for you.

Important Note: Do not allow anyone to obtain free credit reports for you. These reports will have to be obtained later anyway, which may lower your “credit-risk score”! This score is extremely important to your overall credit evaluation in the underwriting process for your mortgage loan.

STEP THREE – Apply Now! Getting started is easy.

When you’ve selected a property and have a contract with the Seller, the next step is to complete your loan application, which can be done easily through our website. Fill out our Good Faith Estimate by Clicking Here or call us to start your application.

At the appropriate time we’ll order a property appraisal for you.

STEP FOUR – Your Loan is Approved and Funded

Your Real Estate Agent or the Seller will designate an Escrow/Title Company to handle the funding of your loan, along with many other factors which make your purchase go smoothly.

We will coordinate with the escrow team and you’ll sign the final papers at their office.

Simple, Straightforward, Cost Effective, and FAST!

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